Thursday, February 10, 2011


From Schmidt & Weston blog

Pineapples are ridiculously good for you. I try to eat them frequently, but I find that when I buy a whole one, as with much fruit in my life, I forget that I have it. Or say "I'll get back to that fruit first thing in the morning" and then I don't because I tend to eat yoghurt with hemp seeds and at least one good cup of coffee. I have very high standards for coffee.

As a further resolution in a long list of resolutions (this year nearly 100% observed, so far) I will eat all the fruit I buy... excluding the two sad looking oranges that currently reside in the fruit bowl next to me.

Enjoy a most excellent Thursday.

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  1. I tend to buy a whole pineapple and then use it in my stirfry's. I like pineapples especially.... oranges and lemons will do in a pinch though.



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