Friday, February 11, 2011

an open letter to Mr. Gamingfuture2999

From Schmidt & Weston blog

I've been sitting on this screen capture I got off of YouTube. I can't remember why I was looking up Fergie though.

It bothers me how the internet brings support for a flawed argument. 132 people have never given me thumbs up for my cyber rants.

People can't post movies on Youtube with other people's music because they don't own the copyright to the songs. When you broadcast something, you just gotta have permission.

This is annoying, because I would love to throw in music that is much better than anything I can come up with, but if I have to play by the rules or risk professional shame, shouldn't amateurs who get millions of hits for a video of their cat dancing to Poker Face also be held accountable?

The corporations, evil as I'm sure they are, do own the copyright and thus can spend thousands on a music video... so sadly, this is completely fair, Mr. Gamingfuture2999. Equally sad; YouTube doesn't belong to the masses (which only seems to work in theory, comrade).

I posted a comment pointing out everything I've said here, but nobody gave me a thumbs up.


  1. awwwwwww, being ignored by the internet? how could that possibly happen?

  2. a code to decipher AND moderation to leave a comment? How many thousands of comments are you getting that you need to protect yourself so much? WHAT ARE YOU HIDING FROM?????????

  3. though you are pretty speedy on the moderation. Lightning speed. woooooo

  4. I could do this all day. So much fun!

  5. I'm hiding from reality...

    And I like to know when I get a comment... so I moderate.

    And why are you leaving so many comments from only 15 feet away?

  6. Just wanted to see if you'd actually post my comments. I don't make it past the moderation stage when I leave a comment that challenges something the blogger person says. Which makes me understand better the overwhelming popularity of so many shitty blogs -- criticism, or alternate points of view, are simply ignored. Or it's a conspiracy of the world to prove that I am indeed invisible. I don't need blogs for that. I can just go to conferences and say hello to people who stare at me with incomprehension until I remind them that I met them and ATE LUNCH WITH THEM at a previous conference.




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