Monday, October 4, 2010

monday's animal - no. 2

From Schmidt & Weston blog


This Monday it's slugs.

These poor little guys get no respect at all and everyone recoils in horror at the site of a giant BC slug. While at the same time, snails get to show up in kids books and in France are sometimes eaten.

Well guess what? The one and only difference between a cute snail and a disgusting slug is that shell. Otherwise they are exactly the same animal.

Not having a shell is a real pain for slugs. They don't appear cute, because they are naked fat snails, and having a shell is the only really good thing about being a snail. It also means that slugs can dry out, which is not good. So they have to live in constant moisture and slime. The beach is not even an option unless it is really pouring (or you are a sea slug, which means a life time of constant swimming).

Much like monday's animal - no. 1, (the barnacle for those keeping track) slugs are hermaphrodites. I feel that an hermaphroditic existence may not the best lot in life, and is so far the common denominator in my monday's animal series.

Now this last photo is disturbing and is part of my new portfolio that I hope to impress the local police department with so that I can be a forensic photographer. If you are eating, I'd advice you to put it down or just click here. Fair warning.

Slugs can do nothing... NOTHING to defend themselves. It's tragic and horrible.

From Schmidt & Weston blog

So stop whining about it being Monday.

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