Monday, September 27, 2010

monday's animal - no. 1

From Schmidt & Weston blog

Most barnacles are hermaphrodites. As if that fact wasn't bad enough, turns out the testicles are located on the back of the head (wherever that is on a barnacle). Having sex turns out to be very difficult when you can't move... at all, ever, except to stick out your tongue for plankton. Barnacles do have long penises though, and that is how that happens.

And even though barnacles have been around since long before humans, humans didn't bother to study barnacles until 1851. Just named them and moved on. I think being ignored is probably the worst part about this sad story.

To re-cap: hermaphrodite, testicles on the back of the head, diet of plankton, an entire adult life stuck in one spot unable to move, ever again, ignored for millennia but you get a long penis.

So stop whining about it being Monday.


  1. Barnacles have penises???!!! Tabernac!!

  2. yes. it is true. barnacles have both bits... I must admit, i didn't look for photos of those bits. half assed research. my bad.



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