Monday, January 9, 2012

my christmas gift

Carrie got me the above tickets for Christmas. It was a tight budget this year for reasons that I will go into as soon as the issue in question resolves itself. So it was a surprise to get tickets to anything. 

Demetri Martin is one of my favourite funny people. He is terribly clever and a bit of a smart ass. My kind of person.

He also did something I've always admired, but rarely been able to do myself. Demetri went to Yale and then New York University law school where he did quite well, but suddenly dropped out in his last year to pursue comedy, something he wasn't immediately good at.

To me that is true courage, and despite all the new age advice about following your bliss, it is a rare thing to find someone who does follow their bliss and does it well. We can't all follow our bliss otherwise there would be too many firefighters, princess' and cowboys/girls. 

Or more accurately, we can't all make a living following our bliss. 

Stand up comedy seems very scary to me. I grew up on listening to the best comics of the day courtesy of the Edmonton public library vinyl collection and my parent's stereo. I don't know that I'd still even chuckle at most of those jokes, but I realized quickly the value of creating laughter seemingly out of nowhere. 

It is much harder to create laughter than tears. 

Back to Demetri Martin. He did have an opening act that deserves mention: Levi MacDougall who was a writer on Demetri's sadly cancelled television program Important Things with Demetri Martin. I really liked him too. 

This show won't be on tv anymore cause some jerk cancelled it. But Demetri is writing books now. So that is something to look forward to if you can read. I can read.

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