Wednesday, July 20, 2011

mix share swap

From Schmidt & Weston blog

Carrie is a big fan of arts and crafts. For me the term always brings back memories of summer camp and rainy days. Summer camp crafts generally took away from rock climbing or horseback riding and eased the christian counsellors ability to engage in bible talk.

Arts and crafts then were not cool.

Now, though, with the help of a rainy lazy day and some scotch, arts and crafts become quite a bit more interesting. Also, I'm not restricted by too many rules and making Jesus friendly crafts.

So I joined Carrie in her latest project; a ceedee swap started by Bianca. Got a little carried away with the whole thing and even printed the CD itself.

The deal is you make 2 mixed CDs and then mail them out. In return, you get two back from somewhere in the world.

Not sure what the next project will be... but I'm still waiting for people to send me their address for me to send free postcards. The mail strike is over in Canada... so what gives?

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