Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I'm adorable

From Schmidt & Weston blog

This is a real craigslist missed connections... and it is most certainly directed at ME.

Sometimes pretty people smile at me, or I catch someone staring... as I too have done. I never consider that it is because I'm adorable. I always imagine that I have something hanging from my nose or I've had some sort of wardrobe mishap. This time it is because I'm cute enough to be noticed and written about on Craigslist. Oh, how I dreamt of this moment in my early university days when I would scan the back of the campus newspaper in the three lines free personals section. It never happened back then. Somehow, this makes up for all of that.

Sadly for my admirer, I'm not gay and as a photographer I make eye contact with most of the people I shoot and I've been working on smiling to hide my anxiety of possibly missing that all important iconic wedding photo. Also, at least a dozen people asked how late I was working that night.

But you are right about me being adorable. C confirmed it for me. She's the best.

I promise not to let it go to my head.

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