Monday, May 16, 2011

some people think we're heroes

Right now some of my friends and many of the people I worked with are fighting forest fires in Alberta. This is a short film I made a few months ago and I'm reposting it now.

There might not be much left of Slave Lake by the end of today. One of my closest friends sent me an email about her day trying to save people in the town. From what she wrote, and knowing her, she went far beyond her job description. She always does.

Few of us in Alberta Rapattack would ever call ourselves heroes. As a group, we were pretty shy about the word, so we mocked it. The truly impressive things we did on our crews were never seen by the public, and often went unrewarded. In fact, we would often get in trouble for our extra effort.

On the rare occasion that we did get some sort of publicity, we would laugh at how the media portrayed us. They always get it wrong somehow.

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