Friday, April 15, 2011

Supper in Las Vegas

From Schmidt & Weston blog

I have been away from this blog for a couple of weeks. I'm sorry if some of you got used to a daily photo, but I was busy and finishing up one last wedding video on my to do list... and then there was the trip to Las Vegas for the National Broadcasters Association Show (NAB for those that love acronyms. I do not.)

Last night, I was in at the Venetian Hotel sitting down to this pizza at Wolfgang Puck's restaurant. I'm pretty sure that it was the best pizza of my life, but that is a hard thing to establish since pizza tends to release a more primal, shark-like feeding frenzy in me. So each pizza feels like the best. I imagine that is what heroin is like. But this one did seem especially perfect.

There was even some opera singing and though I tend to avoid opera and mimes, I actually enjoyed the show.

This isn't really what this post is about though. It is to announce that I'm blogging again, and with vigour. I have a lot to talk about and not so much time if I wish to remain relevant.

The topics to cover of the next couple of days include my impressions of

  • the lecture by Kevin Smith, which was inspiring in an odd sort of way
  • the Apple Final Cut Pro SuperMeet and the rabid apple fan kids
  • my evening of observing the hotel Karaoke bar
  • my heavily biased review of Singular Software, who were the people who brought me to the NAB
  • my vague and uninspired attempt at gambling and searching for the Fear and Loathing experience

There is a lot more than that. 4 days in Las Vegas, even if you spend most of it at a trade show (well, the biggest trade show of computers and cameras in the world) provides for a lot of writing.

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