Sunday, March 6, 2011

monsters on a wall

From Schmidt & Weston blog

I have a love of street art that probably started back in Edmonton, I just can't remember the when or why. It was always odd to me how offended so many people got about boring back alleys being prettied up by the street artists. Having painted my parent's ridiculously large fence in West Edmonton, I would have loved for someone to impose different colours other than brown... and make that fence dividing the backyard from the busy street into something far more interesting.

My Dad had much more imagination with the front door and garage door... creating different simple scenes that I think bothered my Mom, but thrilled me. When I went back to that old house many years after we had all moved away, I was so sad to see that a hand made door and lovingly painted mountain scene was now rudely painted over into that uninteresting brown colour... the same shade as that horrible unending fence. Personally, I would have added to the scenes... or perhaps have created something even more unique. The inside of a messy garage painted on the garage door itself would have been fun. The garage door being the most prominent aspect of the house always seemed somehow wrong to me.

Moving to Montréal meant seeing far more intense murals and unexpected bits of art that jump out from surprising spots. It opened up a whole world of possibilities to my little mind. I have yet to join in on the fun myself, but I can't resist taking photos of strange bits of art for the masses that I run into.

Hence this mural of monsters in the downtown Eastside of Vancouver on Pender Street. You can find the artists on this blog, and they even have a video of the work being created.

From Schmidt & Weston blog

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  1. I remember that fence... it was very brown and very long.



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