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yoga pants

From Schmidt & Weston blog

Wisdom sometimes appears unexpectedly. This is a store front in the hyper cool Gastown of Vancouver. Vancouver is the sort of town where most of the women (and a large number of yoga loving men) from 22 to 52 own a pair of Lululemon yoga pants and wear them as if they were real pants. There is a myth that Lululemon pants will make your ass look great. If your ass isn't already pretty great, or you at least feel great about it, lululemon pants will not help.

Also, Lululemon has a very dark side. It was created by a man that forces all employees from middle management on up to attend a Landmark Education seminar. The consequences of this modern brain washing/peer pressure mis-adventure can be devastating.


  1. Part of my trifeca of fashion faux pas I rail against in Vancouver. Sandals with socks, yoga wear outside of a yoga studio and fleece is not dressing up.

  2. My lululemon yoga pants make me look like I'm playing the back half of an elephant in a cheesy church pantomime. So I do NOT wear them as normal pants, although there may have been a time when I did just because they're the most expensive pants I own.

  3. That was me Christie by the way. I forgot to say. Hi.

  4. hello Christie.

    I think you win for best composed comment of the month.

    Sadly, there is no prize.

  5. Hey Weston,
    Since this is about opinions: lululemon has done something right. Whether you choose to like it, or argue about it.

    You can appreciate a good bum; their pants do make mediocre asses look hot. And hot asses look hotter. A bad ass, is indeed a bad ass, no matter what the pant.

    Don't be a lemon hater.

    As for everyday, outside the house wear? You do have a point.

  6. No, I'm afraid Lululemon has a lot to answer for.

    I have a very personal reason for this, and I'd love to explain it further if you send me an email.

    Lululemon is not what they appear. They are not the cute, hippy and love and rainbow organization they market themselves as.

    I know, big deal, right? So many companies are full of shit.

    Please read about the Landmark Education Group and understand that Chip Wilson demands that his employees take the seminar. This is not an option for management. There is some very nasty consequences as Landmark is essentially a weekend of brainwashing and amateur psychology. This is not opinion. This is true.

  7. Also, may I ad, most of my family and all of my friends have done The Landmark Forum and there were absolutely no "very nasty consequences". From time to time, as in life, some mentally unstable person might be in a program and it could result in a "very nasty consequence". I don't know of any but it's possible.

    But Tom, this is true of attending 1st year college or being on hard training sports teams, and in a new job that all have nothing to do with personal development but could bear unexpected results for the odd person who was an accident waiting to happen. That is the harsh reality of life. It is unrealistic to think that life or Landmark or anyone can protect certain unstable people all of the time from the experience of living.

    Everyone, and I mean everyone I know, left the Landmark Forum happy, well and totally 100% thrilled with their choice to be there.

  8. Dear Anonymous,

    I'm not sure who you are. You seem to know who I am.

    Because you stated that I am "out of line and selling lies" which is on the verge of slander, I am offering you the opportunity to email me personally.

    My email is

    I do love a good debate. You hit a nerve however, and I will explain myself more fully on my blog... but I would like to offer you the chance to have a fair dialogue with me privately.

    It may change your mind. It may not. But either you know me well enough to know why I wrote what I wrote, or you are writing out of turn.

    In either case, what I have experienced is not merely opinion. As I stated previously, there is more to this story that I was at first willing to explore on the public forum that is the internet.

    I urge you to email me personally first.

  9. Hello Anonymous,

    You speak as if all of your friends and most of your family, as well as yourself, are all dead. You say that there were absolutely no nasty consequences (I am curious why you put that in quotation marks) -- from attending a Landmark Forum, which implies that your story, and the stories of everyone around you, are all over.

    Surely this cannot be true (how else would you be typing if you were dead and your story was over?).

    What I'm trying to say is that sometimes, consequences can happen quite a while down the road. Years, even. Your life, and the lives of your loved ones, are not over yet, so consequences can hardly be measured.

    You seem to speak in absolutes, allowing that nasty consequences can happen to mentally unstable people -- but a lot of mental instability happens over time. Everyone around you -- that's right, every single person -- could possibly develop a mental illness. It's an illness, like cancer, or heart disease.

    I am concerned that you refer to individual human beings as "accidents waiting to happen" -- it appears so dismissive of human life. It is clear that you apparently know of absolutely no one who is mentally ill or unstable, but I can assure you that mentally ill people are still people. I have known more than a few mentally ill people, and they have inspired me as well as infuriated me -- just as the so-called normal people out there have.

    Some of these people are friends and family members -- people I love, or have loved, fiercely. Please don't dismiss people with problems as "accidents waiting to happen". It is so disrespectful to the people whose lives are affected -- and influenced -- by these so-called "accidents".

    I encourage you to break your mask of anonymity and engage Tom in a private discussion.

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