Monday, February 7, 2011

fishing boat

From Schmidt & Weston blog

It's hard to get a good photo of a whole boat.

Instead, I just try to find the most interesting parts, and take pictures of those.


  1. I like the close up photo of the boat, Tom. Did you have to hang upside down to get this one? Hope you'll take a lot more to show us. So many textures on boats: rope, worn wood, old brass, stained canvas and lots of curves. I love boats.

    When I was in Grade 6 at Lord Roberts in the West End, I had a girlfriend who lived with her parents on a boat. It was moored off a rickety old 'dock' that you entered from Georgia Street. I was nervous walking out to the boat when it was raining and windy but I loved it once we got aboard. The dock was a bunch of odd planks wired together with oil drums underneath. Part of it was always submerged below the surface of the water so it made the wood very slippery. Her father was an Anglican priest who ministered to villages up and down the Coast through the summer but moored in Vancouver when school was in so she could attend classes. I loved going to her place after school.

    I thought living on a boat must be the most romantic thing in the world. Her bed was built into a bulkhead in the prow below the deck. She had to climb up to get into bed and the whole area beneath her bed was fitted with drawers.

    I suppose this funky place to moore boats is long gone. I should like to walk along that stretch of Georgia Street next time I'm in Vancouver.

    Happy wishes to you and Carrie,

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