Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I resolve to

From Schmidt & Weston blog

From Schmidt & Weston blog

Even when I don't want to.


  1. Don't stress yourself, Tom.

    I like the look of those paper cups. Do you have your own neighbourhood Greek restaurant? I used to love going to Greek restaurants when I lived in Vancouver. I could never understand why my girlfriend and I were the only women in the place, apart from the waitress. Maybe the wives are just as happy to have the men out of the house.

  2. Hi Leslie,

    No... I have to do this. I have resolved to stick to my resolutions and the day seems less impossible if I start out with a clean kitchen and everything is in its home.

    Last year I believe I resolved not to use acronyms, and for the most part, it has stuck.

    The paper cups only look like paper cups. I have an affection for things that appear disposable bur are not. They are modelled off the famous paper cups so ubiquitous in New York City. Any cop drama you see set in New York will have them.



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