Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ha Long Bay

From Schmidt & Weston blog

Film is better than digital.


  1. I still prefer charcoal drawings on cave walls.

  2. they do seem to last a lot longer.

  3. one man's opinion:

    weird i was reading this when i got your update.

  4. Hey Todd,

    As usual, with Ken Rockwell, I agree and disagree with some of his opinions. I do say film and don't distinguish on film format... because no one knows what I'm talking about now anyway.

    I would prefer to shoot with medium format for everything, but as he points out, this is simply not practical. My bank account can't handle it and I don't have a darkroom. I too have run into bad labs that can't seem to get my print right.

    So much more to say about that.... but I've got dinner to finish yet....

    perhaps another post is needed.



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