Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Carrie on the radio

From Schmidt & Weston blog

Carrie is the librarian at the Vancouver Maritime Museum. She is the co-curator for a show that is currently going on right now, and was interviewed for CBC.

We love CBC radio here at the Schmeston household, and I daydream about working there one day. People who work there don't seem so excited about the organization. I don't care. Everyone thinks their work sucks until they suddenly find themselves without a pay check.

I'd stay excited the whole time I worked there.... I promise.

So hire me, why not.


  1. I think the reason why people are not excited about the CBC is that it is a ghost of its former self as it tries not to upset the present Conservative government. If you look at its mandate for promoting Canadian broadcast television and what it is producing 'Jeopardy" 'Wheel of Fortune' you can see why it might be depressing. But then the whole idea is to have a large pool of unemployed people so those that are working will feel insecure and more obedient and less demanding workers. Welcome to feudalism, next step slavery as we de-evolve as a species.

  2. Smart interview, Carrie. Your enthusiasm for the Museum was very real. I loved the "click here to listen" feature, Tom.

    I love CBC radio. My mum, my brother, Christie and me all had varying experiences of working for CBC. My mum was in HR for more than 20 years, my brother was a set decorator for Beachcombers, Christie was Summer Festival Reporter in Edmonton for one summer and I was on a weekly open line program promoting the province for Travel Alberta.

    You could do your own version of Rick Mercer Report. I could see you doing the Rant with passion, dreadlocks flying.



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