Sunday, December 5, 2010

Krav Maga

From Schmidt & Weston blog

Krav Maga is an Israeli self defence system which was initially created to fight Nazis. No one has bothered to start a fight with me since junior high and there are no Nazis in my neighbourhood. I started about a year ago because I was bored and getting fatter sitting in front of my editing station.

I once cut together a short film about a Haitian boxer in Montréal. I'm quite proud of this short piece which eventually led to a full length documentary film. I regret not being a part of the final production, but such is life. The producer kept promising to put me in the ring with Dierry, which I found exciting and frightening. It never happened, which is probably a good thing; concussions don't really appeal to me at all and I getting really moody when I have a headache.

However, the experience of editing that bit of video and the producer's taunts did capture my imagination. Turns out that I really do like punching and kicking.

From Schmidt & Weston blog

This is the first time I've taken photos at the gym because usually I'm too sweaty and focused on avoiding punches to the head to get out my camera. Of the dozen photos, these two were the most in focus shots that I had. Turns out that Krav Maga involves so much speed that my lens couldn't quite stop the action the way I intended. I'll try again next time.


  1. What's the 'holy shit' in reference to, Anonymous?

  2. I'm glad you questioned that last comment. People drop those little one or two word responses that appear to be loaded but don't express what they mean.

  3. I also do krav maga. but I practice online at

  4. We should have "Retrieve your expensive camera equipment from thief theme week".

  5. That would be fun, as long as we used fake cameras.



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