Friday, November 12, 2010

halloween failure

From Schmidt & Weston blog

Despite our continued efforts, no children came to our door this Halloween.

That means out of the 10 or so Halloweens that Carrie and I have enjoyed, only one of them resulted in anyone coming to our door.

We like little people. I have bought candy every year, only to have it eaten by the pair of us resulting in tummy aches because we have no self control when it comes to snacks.

Last year we had more than a dozen goblins and princesses come by for the goods. This year, nothing. I carved that pumpkin. You can tell I did because it looks like the effort of a deranged serial killer (as if there is another kind) with only a sharpened toothbrush as a carving implement, which is exactly the look I was going for.

Perhaps it is our pretend daughter La Petite M├ęchante (the other blurry photo) in the window that caused fear in pathetically paranoid parents. One block over, the childrens abounded. Not so much on our street. Too busy, I'm told. At night, a car might drive by every 5 minutes or so... I can see how parents would worry.

Anyway, thanks to modern day parents not letting children visit our front door (we saw some of you walk by with your little monsters... we know we were rejected by adults) and a severe lack of actually scary movies on the television, we ate all the candy and are now fat.

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  1. Aww...

    Well, at least you didn't spend the night writing up a paper for a class you completely forgot about!

    (Great pumpkin by the way. I'm sure it, paired with the welcoming little darling in the other photo, did a good job in amusing a few little witches and ghouls, despite any concern on the faces of their older, more foul counterparts.)



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