Saturday, October 9, 2010

wooden boats float

From Schmidt & Weston blog

We went to a wooden boat show on Granville Island a few weeks ago. I like the idea of building my own wooden boat, but I worry that it would end up like a dreadfully oversized and ignored project in the driveway I don't have access to.

From Schmidt & Weston blog

A friend told me about a man he knew that was an investment banker. The banker lived in Deep Cove, which is further north and east from our place on Burrard Inlet. Instead of driving, like most folk would do, this guy would apparently put on his suit, grab his briefcase and drive his boat to downtown Vancouver Relic style(from the Beachcombers).

I should have paid more attention during my two economics classes. I had no idea that such a lifestyle was possible.


  1. Hi Tom,

    You should meet my friend Don Moore, he owns BoatCraft in Edmonton and creates kits for people to build their own kayaks. He took part in a boat show in Vancouver some years ago and I attended. I just stood across the aisle and watched people's reactions as they came across the two boats he had on display. They sighed in awe and couldn't keep from running their hands along the glorious finish. It was practically a religious experience for them. He's at

    I think it's cute when you and Carrie chat to each other on Facebook and what's wrong with her posting status updates to herself?

  2. Hi Tom,

    I meant to tell you about a previous Speaker of the Alberta Legislature, Gerard Amerongen. He lived in Old Glenora, the neighbourhood around Government House. In the winter he would grab his briefcase, strap on his skis and X-country ski through the river valley then climb the hill when he got to the Legislature Building. I met him in the elevator one morning looking all robust and wooly with his skis.

  3. Dave asked me to 'like' this for him. - Bonnie :)



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