Sunday, October 17, 2010

street art no. 4

From Schmidt & Weston blog


  1. Tom, this is really beautiful. Did you knock on the door to talk to the owner? It would be neat to hear his story.

  2. It was downtown right next to the other street art photos I shot.

    Seems it was planned out, which Carrie pointed out is the difference between Vancouver and Montréal. In Montréal, graffiti of this quality was in most back alleys downtown and around our place in MileEnd, and it was pretty clear that not much of it was commissioned.

    There was a lot less of the boring 'tagging' going on, which I find a bit dull.

    Commissioned or not, however, I do like to see back alleys treated as places that deserve some respect. I still miss the chaos of a Mile End alley. Just like the bagels here in Vancouver, it just isn't the same.



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