Monday, October 25, 2010

shopping and walking

From Schmidt & Weston blog


  1. hey! that's me! Except without the purple skulls on the socks.

  2. Hi Tom,

    I really like this, so classic, so simple. How did you do it? Makes me think of Henri Matisse's print making.

    Our new swirly, swishy Alberta Art Gallery will be showing Matisse's work for 4 months starting at the end of this month.

    How's the job search?


  3. Carrie - Yes, it is you. Skulls would have taken far too long to trace out. And you know how I like simple solid colours.

    Leslie - I took a photo I really liked and then traced what seemed important in the composition with Illustrator. I don't think Matisse had a computer, but the idea is the same. It's sort of time consuming, but it does remind me how simple shapes make up what we see. It's hard to keep things simple.

    The best news as far as the job front goes is that I have an interview this friday FOR A VIDEO EDITING JOB!!!!

    Also put in for some work as a wedding editor. Ummmm, weddings... other peoples' precious memories.

  4. Hey, Tom,

    Break a leg or whatever one says for good luck wishes for interviews.

    Christie is going for an interview with BBC tomorrow in a city in the UK. The stuff she has to bone up on ahead of time is mind boggling - like who all the local MPs are, how they feel on certain issues as well as coming up with good ideas for stories that have so far not been tackled by the current BBC staff. She has to go through this every time she has a BBC interview. It's a wonder she doesn't give up and go back to serving tables at the Sicilian Pasta Kitchen.

    Hope you wow them on Friday.




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