Wednesday, August 25, 2010

a special offer from schmidt and weston

From Schmidt & Weston blog

From Schmidt & Weston blog

From Schmidt & Weston blog

From Schmidt & Weston blog

If you would like a calendar featuring more photos of this slug, contact me. At the very special price of 19.95, this 9 month limited edition slug calendar is the perfect gift for an expectant mother.

For a movie about a more different slug go to here.


  1. I would sooo buy it!
    9 Months also works as a school-year calendar which is also appropriate to the subject.

  2. Well, I could certainly look into actually producing a slug calendar... if there is genuine interest. I believe I could even custom set the months so you could choose which 9 months that are needed... if for instance you plan on not being present for the month of November... or plan to have amnesia for the month of February.... something I wish I had done for the past two Februaries.

    Feel free to contact me directly through my main webpage, which has my real life email and even phone number.

    And, no, I don't text. I use a rotary phone.

  3. Please produce the calendar! It would be the perfect gift for the person who thinks they have everything. I would buy at least two... will the price come down with multiple purchases?

  4. Okay.

    Please click on the link to my website (right hand side of the blog under the heading ME).

    Then go to contact and email me with details and such, and I will get back to you.

    Also, I have other photos (not of slugs) and some lovely little films I've worked on.

    I'll need some more photos of slugs. Maybe some sexy slugs.



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