Friday, August 6, 2010

26 East Hastings

From Schmidt & Weston blog

My new bus route to get me to my new home takes me through East Hastings. It is a sad landscape, but it is always interesting... which I've noticed sadness often is.

I am also fond of the contrasting sentiments written on the walls; "Fuck the Police" and "I love you". I would like to pretend that it was written by the same person, but that seems unlikely.


  1. Wil calls it Donkey Town. A Peter Pan reference.

  2. I've been internet searching and pulled out my copy of Peter Pan but of course do not have an indexed version of Peter Pan -- what is Donkey Town, please?

    This is driving my librarian mind crazy....

  3. Interesting angle. What lens? Lower sidewalk almost parallel with the frame but the upper entrance beam is way off angle.

  4. 18-55mm nikkor lens (the cheap ass plastic one that came with my digital camera - D-50) set to the widest angle as I was shooting somewhat blind... not looking through the viewfinder so as to avoid attention while riding on the bus.

    The odd angle was mostly due to the odd position of the camera. Initially, I tried to correct the angle in photoshop, but that seemed to wreck the feel of the photo, so I just cropped a little.

    I just thought it would be fun to stick my camera at the bus window and hit the shutter whenever something looked interesting on the street. Didn't have a clue what I'd get until I got home. I doubt I'd do this with film anymore, as that would make for a potentially expensive experiment and none of my film cameras have autofocus... cause I'm that old school.

    I think it worked out for a lot of shots. I'll post some more soon.



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