Thursday, July 22, 2010

doubting thomas was wise

From un autre pamplemousse

I'm a little confused as to the true copyright situation here, but I came up with the caption.

When I was little, my parents sent me to Sunday School. I was supposed to meet Jesus himself, which was very disappointing to learn that he would be making an appearance any day now, but somehow never seemed to.

Everyone around me seemed convinced they were talking to him and that he was somehow talking back. At the time, I remember I had my imaginary friends too, but they were mostly firemen. The adults tended to make Jesus seem quite dull as far as conversation went.

My attention was captured by the mention of doubting Thomas though. Seeing as he and I had the same name, I was intrigued. It was disappointing to find that he was somewhat shunned by the faithful as an example of one with little faith.

Even at 6, I refused to believe the apostle Thomas was such a bad guy for merely suggesting that this new dude was resurrected Jesus just cause he said he was. Seems to me that Thomas had his shit together. You'd think he wouldn't have been the first to double check.

I took it upon myself, with the naive encouragement of my parents, to question everything especially at Sunday School. As a result, I was not popular with the youth ministry.

But I did learn to reason and argue and get into quite a bit of trouble with only words.

I guess Sunday School worked for me... though not in the way the churchies had hoped.

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